Privacy Policy according to art.13 of “Data Protection Code” D.Lgs.196/2003

Dear user, thank you for visiting our website.
With the present document we wish to inform you about the privacy policy of our websites.

This policy refers to the Italian Decree n. 196/2003 art. 13 and sets out the basis on which any personal data, collected from you, or provided to us, will be processed by Fedon websites:,,,

Data owner and controller
The websites owner is Giorgio Fedon & Figli SpA Via dell’Industria, 5/9 32010 Pieve d’Alpago (BL).

Place and data treatment
The personal data provided are stored at Giorgio Fedon & Figli SpA Headquarter Via dell’Industria, 5/9 32010 Pieve d’Alpago (BL) Italy and processed through automated and non-automated systems or procedures only by authorized subjects.
It is not compulsory to provide personal data, but in case of refusal (total or partial) to provide data or to consent to its processing and/or its communication, it will not be possible to complete the registration process on our website and consequently perform the requested services.

Data collection (mandatory/optional)
Fedon websites do not require personal details.
The personal data intentionally entered by the user are collected, recorded, filed and administered in order to proceed with the supplying and services relations according to Italian Decree n. 196/2003 art. Data are administered by automated and non-automated systems, by autorized subjects only, the mentioned subjects may also be Fedon business partners. These data will not be used to identify any personal detail related to a single user without previous and explicit authorization.
The same data may be used, anonymously for statistics and for improving the web browsing experience. With explicit consent of the user the personal data may be used for sending newsletter, advertising material, promotions regarding Fedon Group.

Purposes of the data treatment
The data entered are only used for the fulfillment of the user requests.
Only after the user explicit consent, the mentioned data may be used for:

_sending of advertising, news and promotion related to Fedon Group activities
_resume database
_market surveys

The data collected stored in a database may be communicated to the following subjects:

_people in charge and responsible for data processing;
_people who may become aware, in their capacities as employees or delegates of Giorgio Fedon Figli Spa of the existence of the data collection.
_parent companies, subsidiaries and associated companies;
_market research partners;
_companies involved in auxiliary activities

User rights
Each time the user can request for its personal data details or ask for modification, cancellation or updating in writing to the data owner: Giorgio Fedon & Figli spa, 32010 Pieve d’Alpago (BL) Italy, email: ti.nodef@enoizacinumoc


Fedon websites use cookies to make our services easier and to make more efficient the visitor browsing experience. When visiting Fedon websites, small text files containing information about access on the website, are placed in the computer browser, they can be stored on computers or other internet-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets, they are the so called Cookies. There are different types of cookies, some are aimed to contributing to an easier and more efficient browsing experience, others to enable certain website features.


Cookie Policy

Technical cookies
Fedon websites store only technical cookies, such as navigation or session cookies, functional and analytics cookies.
Navigation, session cookies
They grant the basic website browsing experience, so they are aimed to optimize the user approach to the website

Functional cookies
They store information required to complete the user requests
Analytics cookies
Analytics cookies are used by the website manager to store anonymous data about the number of visitors and their behavior on the website.

Analytics and technical cookies does not require the explicit consent of the users.
Our websites does not use profiling cookies.

Browser options
You can disable or remove the cookies stored in your device in every moment by setting the browser preferences, if you use our websites without modifying the browser preferences, it is assumed that you agree to receive cookies.
In every moment you can enable or disable cookies storing by setting the browser preferences of your browser.

Here are the main browsers procedure to set the browser preferences:

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Google Chrome : Manage your cookies and site data
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